Crazy enough to think you can change the world?



Development occurs in relationship

Connected Psychology is the synthesis of western and eastern developmental psychology. Access to this knowledge is one of the great jewels of an information age.

There are no secrets here. We prepare you to change the world. We arm you with universal, trans-cultural, trans-theoretical developmental knowledge and the ability to use it to get results.

We are focused on training and empowering future psychologists. The field of psychology and it's psychologists have responsibility for the psychological evolution of humanity. Our program develops the psychology of the trainee

Text books teach you what to think….   We teach you how to think.

The potentials of future human psychological development awaken in the development of self-awareness. These new ideas can now be integrated through the structure and stages of the mind’s development.

You can’t read about yourself in a book. Self-awareness is a science of direct knowing. You will be given every opportunity to know yourself, directly. 

“This internship year at Connected has been both challenging and formative. The realities and situations I faced throughout the year have provided me with deep insights into parallel process phenomena and the ways groups (such as teachers and school staff) function when faced with painful and nameless emotions. My close experience with the ever-present disruptions characteristic of my patients' lives gave me a non-intellectualized, and in-the-bone-marrow understanding of the fundamental importance of the therapeutic frame and other basic aspects of the therapeutic process.” - A reflection from a 2016-2017 Resident

True confidence as a professional psychologist comes through self-knowledge and knowing how to get results.