Connected Psychology's in-school and after-school programming is adminstered through the Connected Foundation, a 501C3 public charity.

The mission of the Connected Foundation is to provide the kids and communities who are the most in need... with what they need most.



After many years watching kids grow into teens in the community, we heard one thing over and over again...

"I don't need therapy any more, I need a job!"

We listened and have taken it to heart.

Every day we see the actual kids who become the statistics on drop out rates, and the low remaining numbers of kids who graduate. Of the high school graduates, rarely does one of these kids go to college. Even more rare, is staying at college if they get there...

Expecting these kids to want to get out of "the hood" and leave their friends and family often reflects an idealistic projection and a lack of understanding of the needs and norms of the kids and their community. 

Everyone needs money to function in society. However, if one has no skills, no opportunities, (and doesnt even have a computer)... what can we expect will happen?

We at The Connected Foundation are working to bring technical and financial resources to the kids and communities who are the most in need Washington, DC. 

Early intervention developmental psych services, combined with resources like computer hardware and technical and financial literacy training can literally change the world for one in need.  

Therefore, the kids we serve will have more opportunity to compete and thrive in this increasingly global, technical and virtual world, from the comforts of "the hood" they call home.



The ability to self-regulate is a defining factor of mental health in both kids and adults.  

We need to self-regulate in order to learn, solve problems and effectively engage in the world around us.

It is impossible to self-regulate without self-awareness.

Mindfulness is not a concept. It is a state of consciousness. A state of self-observation.

Self-observation is the activity of directing one's attention toward one's sensations, feelings, thoughts... from moment to moment.

There is a difference between "knowing" that you are sitting in a chair and directing one's attention to the sensations of your butt on the seat...

Mindfulness, self-observation, or what ever we want to call it, is a simple practice of directing one's attention back on to oneself.

We teach kids, parents, and educators pratical mindfullness techniques and self-observation tools that are easily used and integrated into our classrooms and daily routine. 


Please visit www.connectedfoundation.org for more information on THE DIGITAL MONEY CLUB and HERE NOW.