The ability to self-regulate is a defining factor of mental health in both kids and adults.  

We need to self-regulate in order to learn, solve problems and effectively engage in the world around us.

It is impossible to self-regulate without self-awareness.

Mindfulness is not a concept. It is a state of consciousness. A state of self-observation.

Self-observation is the activity of directing one's attention toward one's sensations, feelings, thoughts... from moment to moment.

There is a difference between "knowing" that you are sitting in a chair and directing one's attention to the sensations of your butt on the seat...

Mindfulness, self-observation, or what ever we want to call it, is a simple practice of directing one's attention back on to oneself.

We teach kids, parents, and educators pratical mindfullness techniques and self-observation tools that are easily used and integrated into our classrooms and daily routine.