We provide developmentally based psychological services (in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language) in Washington, D.C. schools, and the local community.  

We focus on results, and use state of the art, outcome based interventions.

The developmental perspective is trans-theoretical, synthetic, and universally applicable to children and families of all ages, geography, ethnicities, and/or socio-economic status.

Psychological development is observable and empirical. We track outcomes and focus on getting results.

Common interventions include:    

  • Individual (DIR) therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Parent guidance
  • In-class observations and interventions
  • Advocacy 

We focus on helping kids meet their developmental milestones and master the universal developmental tasks of childhood:

  • Pay attention                                                          
  • Concentrate
  • Follow multi-step directions                                  
  • Solve Problems
  • Understand cause and effect                                
  • Plan their future
  • Think long term                                                      
  • Move from knowing “what” to knowing “why”
  • Calmly interact                                                       
  • Self-regulate          
  • Communicate their need                                        
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Cooperate in relationships                                    
  • Tolerate frustration
  • Experience a full range of feelings including joy and hopefulness

We provide a range of on-site support for schools, educators, and mental health professionals which include:

  • Classroom based mindfulness activities
  • Training in self-observation, mindfulness and supportive environments
  • Participation in “Kid Talk”, RTI, IEP and disciplinary meetings
  • Collaboration to provide support for the “hardest” students
  • Classroom management consultation 
  • Professional development trainings  

We don’t teach kids what to think… We teach them how to think.

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